Card Security

Falcon® Fraud Protection

Leighton State Bank uses a monitoring system called Falcon® Fraud Protection from SHAZAM®.  Falcon® helps protect your debit card by monitoring for suspicious activity.  Learn more about Falcon® Fraud Protection.

Shazam® BOLT$™

Add your debit card to this secure app and receive alerts about your card activity.  Be alerted if a transaction exceeds a preset amount, when a card-not-present transaction takes place (for example, internet orders), or when suspicious transactions occur.  Follow the easy, self-guided process to get started.

If Your Card Is Lost or Stolen

Call 641-628-1566 during business hours, or call the following numbers if you are unable to reach us:

  • MasterCard Debit Card / ATM Card  |  1-800-383-8000
  • Visa Credit Card  |  1-866-552-8855
  • American Express Credit Card  |  1-866-323-3587

If Your Card Has Fraudulent Activity

Contact us immediately to report unauthorized debit card activity.  Call 641-628-1566 during business hours, or call 866-508-2693 if you are unable to reach us.  

When You Travel

If you will be traveling, please contact Leighton State Bank and let us know the dates and locations.  Since many fraudulent debit card transactions are done internationally, knowing your travel plans will help us in recognizing which transactions may be legitimate versus fraudulent.  It is also important that we have your current phone number so fraud specialists can reach you to validate card activity. 

Debit Card Daily Spending Limit

A daily spending limit exists on your debit card, which is meant to protect you in case your card is lost or stolen. Your debit card may be declined if you make daily purchases that exceed the daily spending limit (even if you have funds available).  Please call 641-628-1566 if you have questions. 


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