Security Tips

Protecting you is a top priority at Leighton State Bank.  We understand the security of your cards is very important, and that is why we recommend MasterCard® SecureCode™.  Learn more.

It’s very important to protect your plastic from high-tech criminals.  Learn about a few things you can do to keep your credit and debit cards safe.

Wi-Fi in airports, hotels, train stations, coffee shops, and other public places can be convenient, but they are often not secure and could leave you at risk.  Take precautions to make sure your personal information is kept safe.

Tax refund theft is the fastest growing crime in the country.  It happens when crooks use your Social Security number to file taxes before you and steal your refund.  Learn what you can do to protect yourself from tax fraud... 

Leighton State Bank suggests the following tips to help protect yourself from fraud...

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