Keep Your Plastic Safe

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It’s very important to keep thieves away from your plastic.  Learn about a few things you can do to keep your credit and debit cards safe.

  1. Never give out your payment card numbers in response to an unfamiliar email, text message or phone call, no matter who the source supposedly is.  An “urgent” email or phone call appearing to be from a well-known organization is likely a scam attempting to trick you into divulging your card information.  It’s called phishing.
  2. Take precautions at the checkout counter, ATM and gas pump.  Be on the lookout for credit and debit card reading devices that look suspicious, such as a plastic sleeve inside the card slot.
  3. Closely monitor your bank statements and credit card bills.  Look at your account statements as soon as they arrive in your mailbox or electronic inbox, and immediately report a discrepancy or anything suspicious.
  4. Periodically review your credit reports for warning signs of fraudulent activity.  You are entitled to at least one free credit report every 12 months. Click for details.

Leighton State Bank is also on the watch to keep your credit and debit cards safe.  We use a monitoring system called Falcon® that is offered through Shazam.  Learn more about Falcon® Fraud Protection.

Source: FDIC

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