e-Alerts Make Banking Easier

e-AlertsWhat are e-alerts?

E-alerts are free, customizable alerts that are sent to your email or wireless device.  It’s another service offered by Leighton State Bank so we can help you grow financially strong. 

Why do they make banking more convenient?

By using our eAlert feature, you can set up free customized alerts about your account balances, transactions, activity and much more.  Receive alerts for:

  • Statements – notifies you if a new statement is available online
  • Daily Balances – notifies you of your account balance once a day
  • High/Low Balances –notifies you if your account balance exceeds or falls below a threshold amount
  • Negative Balances – notifies you if your account balance is negative
  • Checks Posted – notifies you when a specific check is posted
  • Deposits/Withdrawals – notifies you when funds are deposited/withdrawn to or from your account
  • Reorder Checks Reminder – alerts you when it is time to request a new order of checks
  • Principal Increases/Decreases – notifies you if the principal on a loan increases/decreases
  • Loan Payments – notifies you when a payment is made
  • Loan Payments Due – notifies you when a loan payment is due
  • Loan Maturities – notifies you when a loan reaches maturity
  • Rate Changes – notifies you when the interest rate on your account changes

How to set up e-alerts?

With just a few clicks of your mouse, your customizable alerts will be set up.  Simply login to your Online Banking account and click on ‘eAlerts’, found under ‘eAlerts & Messages’ on the left toolbar.   Select ‘create new alert’ to get started! 

Online Banking is required for e-alerts.  If you are not an Online Banking user, sign up here.