Grand Opening of Drive-Up Facility


Leighton State Bank’s new drive-up is now open!  Stop by and view our new facility, which offers some great one-of-a-kind features.

  • 24/7 state-of-the-art ATM machine. It's capable of taking images of checks and depositing money into your account instantaneously.
  • Cash recycler machine. Tellers will quickly and accurately make deposits, and dispense money in the denominations of your choice – making us the quickest stop for your banking needs.
  • Improved accessibility and convenience. Enter from Washington Street and exit into the alley, giving you the option to use either West 1st Street or Broadway Street.
  • Meeting room. This space will hold 40-50 people and will be used for various internal events. The room provides easy electrical access at all tables, and contains a high-tech projection system.
  • The facility will also accommodate walk-in teller traffic. 


In July of 2012, Leighton State Bank purchased the former BP gas station property.  We recognized a need for more physical space to better serve our customers, which led to the purchase.  The property is conveniently located across the street from our Pella office, and makes a great place for our drive-up facility.  After acquiring the property, progress was made in several steps.

2013 ––

  • Early in 2013, gas tanks were removed from the property.
  • In August, a rental house located on the site was relocated to another community.
  • The former gas station building was demolished and removed in October.

2014 ––

  • Construction of the drive-up began in January.
  • By February, the frame of the facility was completed.
  • Shingles were added in March. Brick and mortar work also started.
  • By the end of April, most of the exterior work on the drive-up facility was finished.
  • In May, concrete was poured. A large portion of interior work was also completed during May.
  • Finishing touches were made throughout June, including the landscaping.
  • Leighton State Bank’s new drive-up facility opened on Tuesday, July 8.  Our existing drive-up and ATM are now closed.


Bank hours will remain the same for both the lobby and drive-up.  Click here to view hours.


The next phase of construction is expanding our Pella office to the north (over the former drive-up lanes).  This will meet Leighton State Bank’s need for physical space and accommodate future growth.  In addition, the expansion will create room for VSR Financial Services to move into the building. 

Progress has already started.  The apartment building to the north of the bank was removed in mid-June.  Construction on the main facility is targeted to begin during the next few months.  Thanks to our customers for your continued support!