Real Time ATM/Debit Card Processing

Real Time BankingPart of Leighton State Bank’s service culture is adding new products and services to enhance your banking experience, equipping you to grow financially strong.  We are excited to announce our most recent advancement in banking technology that will offer you around-the-clock service:  Real Time ATM/Debit Card processing.

What exactly is real time?  Real Time processing allows Leighton State Bank to post ATM/Debit Card transactions to your account within seconds after they occur.  It eliminates the gap between when your transactions are initiated and processed.  This conversion will be completed on Thursday, April 11.

How does Real Time processing benefit you?

  • Real Time provides immediate access to deposited funds*
  • Real Time delivers immediate posting of your ATM/Debit card transactions
  • Real Time offers immediate account balance updates
  • Real Time can help speed the work of identifying and responding to potential fraud

We are confident this service will improve your banking experience and offer more convenience for ATM/Debit Card transactions.

*Subject to Leighton State Bank Funds Availability Policy