Secrets to Financial Power

Your everyday spending decisions will lead to either financial success or failure.  Leighton State Bank provides the following 12 steps from Iowa Jump$tart to put you on the path to financial success:

  1. Make a budget and be frugal.
  2. Find money to invest; even small amounts add up.
  3. Pay off college loans ASAP.
  4. Pay off credit card balances monthly.
  5. Build a rainy day stash for emergencies.
  6. Fund a Roth IRA, and put in the maximum annual contribution.
  7. Max out your 401(k), and take advantage of employer match.
  8. Buy a house to live in.
  9. Choose term insurance if you need life insurance.
  10. Make a will.
  11. Increase your net worth, diversify as you go.
  12. Work with an Iowa bank to get help meeting your financial goals.