Card Products

ATM Cards

An ATM card gives you access to your bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This card is accepted at nationwide ATM locations where you see the SHAZAM®, Mastercard® Debit Card or Cirrus® symbols.  This card allows you to check account balances and to withdraw, deposit, or transfer funds.  ATM activity is automatically recorded on your account statement.

Debit Cards

Leighton State Bank’s MasterCard® Debit Card is the ultimate card.  It’s convenient, flexible, secure and accessible! 

  1. Convenient | Use it for purchases at thousands of locations where MasterCard® is accepted.  A debit card can also be used at ATM machines to check account balances and to transfer, deposit or withdraw funds.
  2. Flexible | Use anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.
  3. Secure | Safer than carrying cash, easier than writing a check.
  4. Accessible | A detailed listing of each debit card transaction can be accessed electronically through Online Banking and is also printed on your account statement.
  5. Additional Debit Card Information  |  Click here.

ATM Information

Leighton State Bank has two convenient ATM locations:

  1. In Pella  |  Our drive-up ATM is located at 840 Washington Street, and is fee-free for everyone to use!  It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. In Monroe  |  Our lobby ATM is located at 101 West Washington Street, and is can be used from 6 AM to 9 PM. 

We've also partnered with the Privileged Status Program from SHAZAM®  to help keep money in your pocket.  Use other surcharge-free ATMs located across the country.  Click to learn more.

Planning to travel?  Click for important information.

Falcon® Fraud Protection

Protecting you from unauthorized use of your debit card is a top priority at Leighton State Bank.  We use a monitoring system called Falcon® that is offered through Shazam.  Falcon® helps safeguard your debit card against fraudulent activity. Call 866-508-2693 to report unauthorized debit card activity.  Click to learn more about Falcon® Fraud Protection.

Credit Cards

With four great Visa® cards to choose from, Leighton State Bank makes it easy to find a credit card that will meet your financial needs.  Our Visa® credit cards provide the convenience of a worldwide accepted card, but are available through your local bank.

  1. Visa® Bonus Rewards Card:
    1. Earn points for money you spend.  Then redeem points for great rewards.
    2. Ask us about a 25% bonus on all points earned every month.
  2. Visa® Bonus Rewards PLUS Card:
    1. Earn points for money you spend.  Then redeem points for great rewards.
    2. Ask us about a 50% bonus on all points earned every month.
  3. Visa® Platinum Card:
    1. Enjoy the everyday convenience of a non-rewards card.
  4. Visa® College Credit Card:
    1. Build your financial independence.
    2. Earn points for money you spend.  Then redeem points for great rewards.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Card

Immediately report if your Leighton State Bank ATM, Debit or Credit card is lost or stolen.  Call 641-628-1566 during business hours, or call the following numbers if you are unable to reach us:

  • ATM / Debit Card ( Shazam)  |  1-800-383-8000
  • Visa Credit Card  |  1-866-552-8855


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